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JB-Nets was founded in 1997 and was originally called Kline's Custom Computers. In the beginning, our purpose was to provide local computer repairs. However, as the business grew over the years, so did our mission. We began to focus less on the repair part and more on internet providing. In 2002, the name was officially changed to JB-Nets, LLC and we erected our first tower right in our own neighborhood. From then on, our business has been ever growing.

Today, JB-Nets, LLC is still growing and we are continuing on with our mission to provide fast and reliable internet to those of Gallia County. We currently have a network of 26 towers and are working on expanding even farther into the county. In addition to serving Gallia's residents, we have lent a helping hand to our local community. Some of these include the installation of WiFi in the Park, providing WiFi at the Gallia County Jr. Fairgrounds, and working side by side with Gallia County Job and Family Services to provide people the means to easily and efficiently work from home. We hope to one day provide internet all throughout Gallia County.