Installation Pricing & Features

One-Time Installation Cost

$199 + Tax

Installation Cost is due at time of installation. Equipment purchased through JB-Nets is not part of any rent/lease program, therefore, this cost includes complete purchase of standard equipment and labor to install. Amount does not include any additional equipment needed outside of a standard installation (e.g. extra cabling, second router, etc.)

What's Included

  • Outdoor Radio/Antenna*
  • Cabling
  • Wireless Router*
  • Standard Private IP*
  • Up to 50 Mbps Download Speed*
  • Contract Free Service
  • Unlimited Access
  • No Usage Limits or Data Caps
  • No Equipment Leasing Fees
  • Phone Technical Support 7 days a week (except major holidays)
  • Optional Equipment Coverage Plan

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction is our Goal. That's why there are no contracts required. No usage limits or hidden fees. No cancellation penalties. Plus, we offer a Money Back Guarantee for your Installation Cost within 30 days of your installation date if you are not completely satisfied with your service.

*New wireless outdoor radios purchased through JB-Nets, LLC are warranted for one year from purchase date. Used wireless outdoor radios are warranted for 90 days from purchase date. Wireless routers are not warranted JB-Nets, LLC, however, router comes with a manufacturer warranty. Accounts that require a Public IP (for gaming, security systems, etc.) will be charged an additional $6.95 per month for this advanced service. Standard Speed Package included with installation is 10 Mbps Unlimited. Higher SPeed Pacakges, including 50 Mbps Unlimited, are currently available in select coverage areas.

Speed Packages

Standard Package

10 Mbps Unlimited

$39.95 Per Month

  • 10 Mbps Download*
  • 6 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Usage

Advanced Package

15 Mbps Unlimited

$59.95 Per Month

  • 15 Mbps Download*
  • 6 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Usage

Advanced Package

25 Mbps Unlimited

$79.95 Per Month

  • 25 Mbps Download*
  • 6 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Usage

Advanced Package

50 Mbps Unlimited

$99.95 Per Month

  • 50 Mbps Download*
  • 6 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Usage

*Rates reflected are current base rates only and are subject to change. Outdoor equipment will receive the speeds indicated with chosen speed package. Other factors such as wireless routers, customer devices, amount of devices connected, distance from wireless router, etc. may cause lower average speed readings than what is actually received from broadcasting site.

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