Service Payment Policy

-Internet Service Payments are due on the first day of the month/payment period. Each payment covers the month/payment period that the payment is due on.

For Example

-A statement received on 8/15/2013 has a due date of 9/1/2013. Payment is to be made by (or at least postmarked) by 9/1/2013. This payment covers all usage of internet for the entire month of 9/2013. In other words, payment received pay for usage a month in advance.

-If no payment is received by the fifth of each month, a $10.00 late fee will be applied. If a payment has not been received after 30 days of the given due date, service will be interrupted and a $25.00 reconnect fee will be assessed.

Payment Penalty List

-If service has been interrupted 3 times, or payments are consistently delinquent, the account in question will be placed on our Payment Penalty List. Once on this list, monthly payment must be made by 5:00 P.M. on the given due date.

For Example

-If the given payment due date is 07/01/2013, a payment must be received by 5:00 P.M. on 07/01/2013. If payment is not received by then, service will be interrupted and a $25.00 reconnection fee will be applied to the amount due.

-Please Note: The $25.00 reconnect fee will be a recurring fee for each month service has to be interrupted, not a one time charge. Payment must be made in full before service will be restored.

Service Calls/Equipment Upgrade Payment Policy

Note: New changes to our Service Call Fee and Equipment Upgrade policy went into effect April 18, 2016. Original changes to our Service Call Fee policy were effected on June 1, 2012.

- $10.00 Service Call Fees are due at the scheduled service call time, unless deemed otherwise by technicians.

-Equipment Upgrades must be initiated by the Account Holder. Any cost for an Equipment Upgrade will either be (a) prepaid at the time of scheduling, or (b) due at the scheduled time of upgrade. A basic Equipment Upgrade fee is $105.93. This amount covers ONLY a $10.00 Trip Charge + $89.00 for a new and improved radio, + tax. Any other equipment, wiring etc., that may be needed at the time of an upgrade, will be an added expense and charged accordingly. Failure to provide payment may result in cancellation of scheduled equipment upgrade.

-For unexpected equipment expenses that may accrue while technicians are on site, such as a new radio replacement, router etc., a minimum down payment fee of $20.00 will be required. This is to help ensure JB-Nets, LLC's Billing & Accounting that a customer is aware of the pending charge. Any remaining amount due will be invoiced with a due date of Net Due 10 Days after the time of the service call. A customer has up to 30 days from the day they receive this invoice to pay the remaining balance owed. If no further payment is received, service will be interrupted until the entire past due balance is paid. Repossession of any unpaid equipment may ensue after an extended length, and will not be reinstalled at the premises until payment has been received in full.

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