JB-Nets, LLC is an Internet Service Provider, with our corporate office located at 1158 Green Valley Drive, Bidwell, Ohio 45614 and for purposes of this policy will hereinafter be referred to as “JB-Nets”, “we”, “us”, or “our”.

External links in this policy are listed for your convenience only. JB-Nets is not responsible for third parties' behavior, site content, or the continued validity of URLs.

JB-Nets values our relationship with our customers and take the responsibility of protecting their privacy very seriously. This policy exists to keep you informed about what information we collect and to assure you that your information will not be misused or shared with other entities except as necessary to provide quality service or to comply with legal requirements. This policy governs all information that JB-Nets collects from our customers, users of the JB-Nets website, and others.

This policy was last updated on October 09, 2013. Your information will always be governed by the most recent version of this policy.

Information We Collect

Customer Account Information

JB-Nets, LLC stores certain information about all our customers. This includes:

  • Your first and last name (if you are a residential customer or the contact person for an organization)
  • The name of your organization (if you are a business or other organization)
  • The status of your account
  • Your provided email address(es) (regardless of whether your email is hosted with JB-Nets)
  • Your provided phone number(s)
  • Your billing address
  • The physical address of the location where you receive service, if applicable.

JB-Nets also stores information that relates to the specific services we provide:

Wireless Internet

JB-Nets stores information about the hardware installed by JB-Nets on our wireless customers’ premises and about the configuration of that hardware. This includes IP addresses, frequencies, and the date that each piece of hardware was installed on the premises. As a convenience, we also store wireless router passwords; customers may opt out of this at the time of installation, or call us thereafter to request that the password be removed from our database. JB-Nets has access to additional information about each customer’s connection, which may be stored for varying lengths of time in our monitoring equipment or indefinitely in other records such as documentation of technical support procedures.

JBNets, like any Internet service provider, is able to see any traffic sent unencrypted over the network. Sometimes this traffic may be visible to JB-Nets staff during normal maintenance and troubleshooting activities. JB-Nets does not monitor communications sent or received by specific customers.

Additionally, we are required by law to be able to allow government and law enforcement agencies to monitor the network traffic of one or more specified users. This requirement applies to all Internet service providers in the United States. JB-Nets does not enable such monitoring unless and until we are required to do so by the proper authorities.


JB-Nets stores your email from the time messages arrive on our servers until at least the time you download them. Depending on how you use our service and how your software is set up, email messages may be removed from the server when you check your email, or they may stay stored until you explicitly delete them. If you use our Webmail email system, any messages sent from Webmail, contacts, and other data recorded by that system are also stored on our servers.

E-mail is stored in plain text format. Unless you encrypt it yourself, it may be visible to JB-Nets staff during normal maintenance and troubleshooting activities. JB-Nets does not actively monitor messages sent by our customers.

We may retain backup or archival copies of email messages on our own servers or using third-party backup services. While it is not our normal practice to store these messages indefinitely, we cannot guarantee that information will not remain on backup media indefinitely.

Web Hosting

If you host your website with JB-Nets, the files that constitute your website are stored on our Web server. These files include, but are not limited to, graphics, multimedia, style sheet files, script/program files, and HTML files (including any script/style data they contain).

In addition to files generated by your website's users in the normal course of browsing the web (see "Server Logs" below), information automatically generated by your website's software or entered by you or your users via your website may also be stored on our web and/or database servers.

Financial Information

JB-Nets uses third-party software and services to manage customer accounts, credit cards, electronic payments, and other information. To protect your financial information, the following security measures are in place:

  • Access is restricted to only certain employees and controlled by our accounting software administrator.
  • A security policy, including regular password changes, is enforced.
  • Full credit card numbers are never displayed after being entered (though they are still stored on our internal servers and our backups).

JB-Nets will never sell your financial information or share it with any third party, except when necessary to provide services related to your JB-Nets customer account or to comply with legal requirements.

For additional information about our third-party accounting software, please see "Financial Information" under "Third Parties" below.

Information Collected by Our Web Site

Information exchanged between your computer and JB-Nets' Web server as part of the normal process of browsing the Web will be stored on our server; see "Server Logs" below.

JB-Nets also uses Web analytics software to track user interaction with our Web site. This software keeps track of certain information about each visit to the Web site, including Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors, pages viewed, links and search terms that lead visitors to the Web site, external links that visitors follow off the site, other actions taken, and certain information about users' systems such as Web browsers, operating systems, and screen resolution.

We do not track users' activity across other Web sites, except for recording links and search terms that users follow to or from our Web site. Web analytics information is not used to contact specific individuals or for marketing purposes. It is not shared with any third party; see "Third Parties" below.

To prevent our Web analytics software from tracking you, visit http://www.jbnets.net/‌AnalyticsOptOut.html and follow the instructions. This opt-out feature uses a cookie to instruct the analytics software not to record information about you. Our Web analytics software also honors the do-not-track feature of newer Web browsers.

Additionally, the JB-Nets Web site includes some interactive features that collect user information. Some of these features (for example, surveys) record information for use by authorized JB-Nets personnel; by using these features, you agree to allow JB-Nets to collect and store it for purposes of providing the service. Other features do not keep records of information you enter (except as outlined below under "Server Logs"). JB-Nets will make clear which features store your information and which ones do not.

Note that any third parties who provide software/services that we use to provide these features may collect and record your information (see "Third-Party Software" below).

Some JB-Nets services may also use cookies. Internet cookies are small pieces of information stored by a user’s Web browser. You may opt out of cookies at any time by disabling them in your browser; some browsers may require an add-on for fine-grained control of cookies. Disabling cookies may interfere with the opt-out functionality of our Web analytics software.

Communication Sent to JB-Nets

Communications sent to JB-Nets, including but not limited to Email and written correspondence, may be shared among JB-Nets' staff. Any communication sent using a third-party service, such as Facebook or Twitter, may also be subject to those services' privacy policies. Some such communications may be displayed publicly (e.g. a public Tweet or a post to JB-Nets' Facebook page). We may store copies of any communication sent to us indefinitely.


When you contact JB-Nets by telephone, the contents of the phone conversation are recorded. Calls may also be monitored for purposes including but not imited to training and quality assurance. Outgoing calls from JB-Nets may also be recorded/monitored.

Server Logs

Whenever you access the JB-Nets Web site or any file, Web site, or service on JB-Nets servers, our servers automatically record certain information. This information includes your Internet Protocol (IP) address; the IP address of the server; the date and time of access; Web addresses of Web sites visited and files accessed, including any form data contained in the addresses; and information about the device, operating system, and Web browser you used to access the Web page or file. These logs may be kept indefinitely, at the discretion of JB-Nets and/or individual site owners.

Other servers and routers also store the IP addresses of our customers.


JB-Nets does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13. Children under 13 may not open accounts with JB-Nets. If a parent or legal guardian wishes to open an account for a child under 13, the account must be opened in the parent/guardian's name and using the parent/guardian's information.

If any features or services of the JB-Nets Web site collect information that the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) defines as "PERSONAL INFORMATION," users of those services must affirm that they are at least 13 years of age. According to COPPA, "PERSONAL INFORMATION" includes:

(A) a first and last name;

(B) a home or other physical address including street name and name of a city or town;

(C) an e-mail address;

(D) a telephone number;

(E) a Social Security number;

(F) any other identifier that the Commission determines permits the physical or online contacting of a specific individual; or

(G) information concerning the child or the parents of that child that the website collects online from the child and combines with an identifier described in this paragraph.

Third Parties

JB-Nets does not share your information with third parties except as necessary, and only to the extent necessary, to provide services or to comply with legal requirements. Your information will never be sold to or shared with a third party for marketing purposes.

Financial Information

JB-Nets uses Intuit QuickBooks software and services to manage customer accounts and financial information.

Online payment services are managed by Bill & Pay. When you make an online payment, you send information to a Web site operated by Bill & Pay or one of Bill & Pay’s partners. This information is sent over a secure (encrypted) connection; this connection is managed by Bill & Pay or Bill & Pay’s partner, not JB-Nets.

JB-Nets uses Authorize.Net and ReliaFund Inc as payment processors.

Additionally, these companies, or their partners, may maintain an off-site backup of the financial information they store or JB-Nets stores via their software/services. JB-Nets may also use other third-party services to back up financial information.

JB-Nets does not share financial information with any third party except as necessary to provide services related to your JB-Nets customer account or comply with legal requirements. Your information is never sold to any third party.

Third-Party Web Services

The JB-Nets Web Site offers some services using third-party APIs. These include:

  • OpenStreetMap tile API: Used to display maps on certain pages of the JB-Nets Web site.

Because of the way the software works, these third parties have the ability to collect certain information from you, including:

  • The address of the page on the JB-Nets Web site that includes the service
  • Your IP address
  • Your account with the third party
  • Tracking information generated by the third party using cookies or other means; third parties may be able to generate such data even if you are not logged in to an account.

What these third parties do with this information is governed by their own privacy policies:

Retention Policy

Electronic Customer Information

Credit card information given to JB-Nets is stored with other account information. Any credit card numbers can be removed from our database on request.

Other information may be stored indefinitely.

Server Logs

Server logs on JB-Nets' Web servers may be stored indefinitely, at the discretion of JB-Nets and/or individual Web site owners. Information stored by other servers and routers will be kept as long as JB-Nets deems necessary for the operation of those servers and routers, and may be stored indefinitely.


Incoming and outgoing messages for JB-Nets-hosted email accounts remain on our servers at least until removed by the customer. We may also store backup copies, and cannot guarantee that backed-up messages will not be stored indefinitely.

Email sent to JB-Nets may be stored indefinitely for our records.


Recorded calls may be retained indefinitely.

Hard Copy Customer Information

Any confidential customer information that JB-Nets maintains in written/printed form is filed on-premises in a designated area. Access to this information is made available to JB-Nets personnel only as needed to provide technical support, billing, or payment services to the customer. The premises are kept locked when no personnel are on-site.

If you provide us with written credit card information, that information will be permanently obscured (blacked out) once the transaction for which it was provided is complete.

We shred any hard copy documents containing confidential information before disposal.

Removal of Information

When and if JB-Nets deletes customer information, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the information is removed from our systems. However, we cannot guarantee that information will not remain on backup media indefinitely or that deleted information cannot be recovered.

Confidential information in hard copy form is shredded before disposal.

Changes to This Policy

Note that this section is for reference only. Your information is always governed by the most recent version of these terms.

February 12, 2019
The “Third Parties” section was updated. The “Financial Information” subsection was edited to include new payment processors and payment service providers. The “Third-Party Web Services” subsection was edited to reflect the change from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap. Additionally, a “Telephone” subsection was added to the “Communication Sent to JB-Nets” and “Retenion Policy” sections, reflecting that JB-Nets records and may monitor telephone calls.
February 4, 2016
The location of the privacy policy was changed from http://www.jbnets.net/privacy_policy.html to http://www.jbnets.net/privacypolicy.html.
October 9, 2013
A paragraph giving the company’s full name and information was added. Section headings were edited for clarity and for better organization of this policy. Minor clarifications and cosmetic changes were made throughout the policy. A note about external links was moved and edited to clarify that JB-Nets is not responsible for other Web sites. Notices were added throughout the policy to indicate that JB-Nets may share information to comply with legal requirements. The “Customer Account Information” section was edited to indicate that we store both billing and physical addresses where applicable. The “Wireless Internet” section was expanded to include information about wireless router passwords, our ability to see traffic on the network, and required enabling of monitoring by law enforcement. Information about visibility of email stored on our servers was added, and references to email being retained “for no less than 5 years” were removed. References to JB-Nets Web site features that no longer exist and third-party APIs that are no longer used were removed. Information about cookies and do-not-track was added. The “Server Logs” section was edited to indicate that form data contained in Web addresses are logged. Names related to third-party financial products and services were clarified. The “Third-Party Web Services” section was edited to make clear that third parties can generate tracking data even if you are not logged into an account. A paragraph about credit card information was added to “Hard Copy Customer Information.”
July, 11, 2013
A new version of the JB-Nets Web site was launched. Minor clarifications and cosmetic changes to the wording of this privacy policy were made. The location of the privacy policy was changed from http://www.jbnets.net.Privacy.html to http://www.jbnets.net/privacy_policy.html.
May 31, 2012
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August 29, 2011
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